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Ravana Ella Cave & Temple

The Legendary Cave and Temple

With a legendary story of a king and a kidnapped princess tied to its name, Ravana Ella Cave was one of the hiding places from The Ramayana Epic. Ascend approximately 650 steps to reach the Maha Ravana Viharaya and the Ravana Cave.

Half Day Excursion

A 40-minute drive from Anasa Wellness Resort, explore the Ravana cave and temple during the day. The cave measures 50ft wide and 60ft high and stretches to a length of 150ft. According to folklore, Ravana was believed to have hidden the kidnapped Princess Sita within the caves. The cave is approximately 1,370 m above sea level in Ella.

Distance from Resort

Anasa Wellness Resort is located 15.3 km away from the Ravana cave and temple.


The hiding place for a kidnapped Indian princess.

Steps to the Temple

There are approximately 650 steps to climb to reach the temple.


The cave is set high; roughly 1,370m above sea level.

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