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Thotupola Kanda / Rawana Nature Trail

A Mythical Hike

Hike up the third tallest mountain in Sri Lanka; Thotupola Kanda; a summit with a legendary story behind its name and be enchanted by the picturesque verdant views from the summit.

Half Day Excursion

According to legend, the nature trail was believed to be landing site for the Ravana, Hanuman and Sita from the Indian Epic The Ramayana. Located roughly 2.5 km from Horton Plains, hike up the mountain prior or post your trek to Horton Plains National Park.

Legendary Epic

The Ramayana Story states that Hanuman, Ravana and Sita landed in Sri Lanka on this summit.

Trek Time

Hikers with an average level of fitness can complete the hike in 1 hour.

Level of Difficulty

Fairly easy to climb, the level of difficultly can be classified as ‘medium’.


Combine a hike to Thothupola Kanda with a trek to Horton Plains.

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