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Peace and Harmony

Reconnect, revitalise and re-energize with our holistic spa treatments coupled with one-of-a-kind features curated to offer you inner peace and harmony for your mental and physical well being. Sukoon is a mere stepping stone for your wellness journey in our luxury resort.

A Luxury

Integrating the remedial benefits of our location with sensual treatments, take advantage of the luxury spa features exclusively designed to heal your mind, body and soul.

Yoga Pavilion

Take in the rich elements of your surroundings as you practice the ancient art of yoga in our pavilion.

Outdoor Areas

From meditation to quiet contemplation, we’ve created soothing outdoor areas to offer comfort and serenity.

Combined Treatments

Sukoon combines soothing rituals with historic healing practices perfectly paired to relax and rejuvenate.

Luxury Spa Products

Natural spa products by Ophir creates treatments that are naturally good for your skin and body.

To ensure you have a holistic wellness experience at Sukoon, our features seamlessly complement your treatment.

Pressured water jets aimed at tension points in your body is the ideal way to cleanse after a scrub/wrap.

Indulge in the soothing sauna, steam or saltwater pool during your therapy.

Dedicated yoga and Thai pavilions to ensure you get the most exclusive care.

A pampering experience for our little VIP guests.

Wellness Therapies

Our carefully curated spa therapies, whether it’s for detox, weight loss, de-stress, rejuvenation or a diabetes retreat; are created to ensure your inner being is relaxed and recharged.



Our 3/7-day detox program is designed with specific treatments to help your body rid itself of toxins and impurities.

Weight Balance

Weight Balance

Achieve the ideal weight balance based on your BMI with our 3/7-day weight loss program.



Relax and de-stress with our carefully planned treatments that will last 3/7 days.



Ultimate rejuvenation within 3/7 days with our Rejuvenation Program.


Special offers

Our special offers have been carefully created to ensure you get the best experience with us.