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A Complete Holistic Detox Routine

Our nutritional plan consisting of herbal, detox beverages is complemented with a fitness and yoga routine and soothing spa treatments that will cleanse your body of its toxins. Take advantage of the resort’s facilities from the hybrid gym to the hydrotherapy pool to complete your detox ritual.

Healthy Nutrition

Consult our nutritionist for a personalised detox plan and partake in a healthy cooking class.

Fitness & Yoga

A physical analysis from our wellness consult followed by a fitness and yoga plan.


Customised, purifying treatments that aim at healing your inner being.


Complement your detox program with a session in the hybrid gym, steam room or outdoor pool.

More Information about Detox

The Detox Program will help your body eliminate harmful chemicals and elements absorbed from bad diets. The holistic combination of treatments, a nutritional plan, fitness and yoga exercises and recreational facilities will help you achieve it.

Our program lasts for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 7 days; the latter of which is highly recommended.

Special offers

Our special offers have been carefully created to ensure you get the best experience with us.