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Diabetes Retreat

Holistic and Nutritional

Anasa Wellness Resort equips you with the right tools and expert support as you partake in our Diabetes Retreat. This program comprises of a well-balanced combination of nutritional plans and diet, fitness and yoga routines and therapeutic spa treatments.

Healthy Nutrition

A personalised nutrition diet to suit your body’s requirements.

Fitness & Yoga

Following a wellness consultation, your customized plan will include effective yoga and fitness activities.


Specially-focused spa therapies including therapeutic massages and a Vichy shower session.


Partake in a game of volleyball or sink into a cold plunge pool.

More Information about Diabetes Retreat

Our program focuses on improving your inner being as well as providing you with the necessary tools to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Guests have the option of choosing a 3-day treatment program, however, we recommend the 7-day program to ensure your treatment is effective.

Special offers

Our special offers have been carefully created to ensure you get the best experience with us.