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Rejuvenation Program

Rejuvenate, Regenerate and Restore

Our Rejuvenation Program combines a wealth of healing treatments, activities and meals that aim at restoring your health and rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.

Healthy Nutrition

Herbal teas, organic juices and customised nutrition plans.

Fitness & Yoga

Practice therapeutic and restorative yoga with a combination of other wellness activities.


Body scrubs, wraps, herbal therapies and a detailed skin analysis.


A range of rejuvenating treatments from a sauna to a cold plunge pool; exclusively for you.

More Information about Rejuvenation

Restore and regenerate your body to its healthy glow and glory with our rejuvenation program, which combines fitness, nutrition and relaxation.

Heal with our 7-day Rejuvenation program or opt for the shorter 3-day program.

Special offers

Our special offers have been carefully created to ensure you get the best experience with us.